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The Story of

Art & Soul

Hi hun! My name is Briel rogers. i am an artist, a wife, a mother, and most importantly a woman of God! Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I began working on my business in April of 2019, with the help of the lord and those around me i am now able to have my own business up and running. this is your one stop shop for all things creative. i create from the heart and soul, each piece is full of love and prayer. i allow god to guide all of my creations, making them perfect for each individual. my goal is to support women and children through my business. i create things to uplift them as well as using my profits to make donations to women's shelters throughout the year. i have a heart for creating and edifying. I love to bless others through the blessings god brings me, so thank you in advance for every purchase and referral because those things help me broaden my reach to more women and children in need.

P.s. don't forget to sign up below to receive your 30% off coupon as well as other sales! i love a good deal so there will be plenty throughout the year! 

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